Silicone, silicone everywhere and not a drop to drink

…said the snake. You’ve heard the story, right? In the news a couple of weeks ago? A model handling a snake during a photo shoot had her fake boob bit by the snake…who promptly died. Her silicone implant supposedly ruptured and the snake ingested some. They gave her a tetanus shot for the snake bite. But what about that silicone that’s doing a slow drip inside of her. You know, the silicone that KILLED THE SNAKE. Well, apparently, the story is not true. The snake did not die of silicone poisoning. That was just a rumor that major newspapers picked up without verifying. Must be nice to get paid for making stuff up. “Um, never mind,” said the fiction writer.

What about this story? A mother of a four-year-old is suing a private pre-school because it did not adequately prepare the child to take the entrance exams required to get into the most elite elementary schools in New York. She’s also claiming they didn’t prepare her daughter for the Ivy League. Lady, you’ve been smoking too much ivy. You make Tiger Mom look like a pussycat rolling in catnip. Get a grip. She’s four. And go see the film Race to Nowhere. The popcorn’s on me.  

Talk about people who are out of their quacking mind…Gilbert Gottfried. When you’re the spokesduck for a major insurance company, maybe you shouldn’t make jokes about tsunami victims. Only “Aflac”ing idiot would do that. Or a comedian.

 …Or a governor’s press secretary. Governor Haley Barbour’s press secretary, Dan Turner, resigned after making a Japan earthquake joke in an email. When public figures want to moonlight as comedians, they should take a tip from the Unknown Comic. Insert head into paper bag, do a little dance, tell joke, return to day job, no one the wiser.

And thanks to ABC for sending the wonderful message that you can destroy their offices and break their windows, sending glass raining down on the pedestrian-filled, Times Square streets of New York, and be invited back for another interview. And the award for prolific creator of real-life stories he doesn’t want to talk about in interviews goes to…Chris Brown. Idiot!

“That’s all the news that’s fit to print,” said the journalists.

Review: Race to Nowhere

Last month, I visited the C. W. Post campus for a screening of “Race to Nowhere,” a documentary that answers the question “How are we doing?” with regard to our education system. Apparently, not so great.

The film interviews students, parents, educators, and other experts in the field. It examines the pressure on students who spend much of their valuable school time not exploring and questioning and learning but memorizing tons of information to pass standardized exams. It shows the extracurricular activities, clubs, and teams they join to make their college applications stand out from the pack. Most of all, it shows kids who are burning out and parents who have been brainwashed to believe this is the way it should be. One shocking tidbit was the high percentage of students entering their freshman year of college who have to take remedial English and Math classes because they haven’t mastered basic skills during their previous 12+ years of school.

“Race to Nowhere” was a powerful lead-in to a much needed discussion about where we’re headed in the current education system. The discussion that followed the screening on the Post campus was amazing and just one of many to come. Here’s the link to the website on which you can view the trailer and find future screenings in your area:  

The website also offers pages of links to the latest coverage of the film and movement. Here are a few to get you started:

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