Magpie’s Shiny Things: February 19, 2011

This weekend will bring some much needed rest and relaxation my way and some artistic fun. Today, Art House’s Sketchbook Project 2011 tour begins. I heard about this event a few weeks ago and it really got me excited. As a stick-figure-drawing person who wishes she could translate what she sees in her mind to canvas or paper, I am always impressed with artistic ability. The Sketchbook Project features over 28,000 artists from 94 countries.

“It’s like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks.”

For the artists who entered, the rules are simple. They are sent a blank Moleskine sketchbook. They must use the book in some way without changing its original dimensions. Each book is given a barcode and catalogued into The Brooklyn Art Library system. Whenever someone checks the sketchbook out during the event, it is scanned and the artist can track online how many people have viewed the book.

The tour begins in Brooklyn, New York this week and then moves on to other cities around the country. Following are a few samples that caught my eye. Click here to view others.

Note: Art House sponsors other projects throughout the year. The next project open for entry (just 9 days left to sign up) is the Fiction Project.

By KamikazePilot

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By Sasha_Kiseleva



By Brushmarq


By Linsart



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