“Again” with the Uma Stalker

“This again is an order of protection for you to stay away from Uma Thurman. You are not to even call her.” –Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro

Are you kidding me? The italicized “again” says it all. When will you realize that Jack Jordan will never stop stalking Uma Thurman. He’s psychotic. Does Uma have to end up chopped into a million little pieces before someone takes this situation seriously and decides we need stricter laws for repeat stalkers.

Orders of protection are ridiculous. They assume that psychos follow rules and have impulse control. He’s in jail now without bail. Don’t let him out this time. Get him the extensive psychiatric care he needs. If that can’t be done in prison, then have him legally committed with no chance of escape. Give Uma her life back.

His defense lawyer, Paul Feinman, urged that he be placed in protective custody for fear he would face threats of inmate violence. What a laugh! Uma Thurman and her children have faced the potential of violence every day for the past five years. Some might say, “Why the hell shouldn’t he? It might be an empathy raising experience.”

Actually, I said that, but I quickly realized my anger is misplaced. He is a sick man, after all. If only the legal players who continue to fall down on the job with these types of cases could walk in the victims’ shoes…I bet things would change then.

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  1. December 22, 2010 at 10:32 am

    Thanks for helping to spell lakablkalava, the Greek stuff. So your are of the Muse, eh? I know the Muse well. see my post Letters to Erato 9/11/10. Regards.

  2. Mommarge said,

    December 22, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    I agree with your thoughts, especially with the word “again.” There should be no second and third chances for these people (who definitely have mental problems) to possibly harm innocent people.

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